Attack On Titan


9\10 I think it is one of the best animes so far because it has an amazing story and it has a  message behind it one of its messages is that the humans don’t understand the titans point of view. Therefore, people should put their self in each others shoe innocent or not innocent. The reason I deducted one mark out of this review is because if you’re squeamish to gore I wouldn’t recommend it but I’m into it :).


The story begins as we venture into the Walls of humanity and meet our main protagonists, Eren, Mikasa and Armin. However, a mysterious threat known as the Titans cause a daily threat and our heroes soon learn of their terror as the Colossus Titan breaks through the gate. Shortly after their graduation, the members of the 104th Training Corps are thrown into a fight against the Titans as the Colossus Titans appears at Trost District and breaks through the Wall. During the battle, Eren learns of the mysterious power deep inside him. Will he be able to use it to aid humanity and make it the first victory against the Titans?header.jpg


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